trainingWhether you are looking for one-on-one coaching and skill building or training for your board, staff or volunteers, we customize the training for you. We teach you about the topic by applying it to real life situations so you learn by doing something that is relevant and meaningful to you and your organization and then you’ll have the skills to utilize this process in the future on your own. Key topics include:

Asset Based Community Development – We will help you identify your assets and those of stakeholders and other organizations and how you can combine them in new ways creating new services, programs and facilities or focus them on existing goals and outcomes.
Appreciative Inquiry – This process helps you build on past success by discovering the criteria that have made past events and activities successful and applying this as you dream, design and deliver what’s next.
Board Roles and Responsibilities – Clarify the roles and responsibilities of your board or group to ensure that the board is functioning smoothly and performing the due diligence required by law, your bylaws or working agreements.
Budgeting – Learn how to create project, program, and organizational budgets to guide the work you do and ensure you know the resources you will need to carry it out.
Building Agreement – Learn the tools and techniques for getting agreement and the positives and negatives of each technique.
Collaborations and Partnerships – Explore the benefits and challenges of working with others from sharing information to partnering or merging organizations. Learn about this collaboration continuum and how your organization or business might proceed to work with others.
Communication – Communication is key to working within your organization and with others. Learn your style and how to utilize it to improve systems and communication.
Economic Development – Explore the best practices and see where you want to focus to create economic vitality.
Effective Meetings – We will help you with how to make meetings more effective so you can utilize all the tools and techniques to have more engaging, productive and fun meetings.
Fundraising – Are you struggling to secure the resources you need for your organization and the services you offer? We will explore the ways to bring in revenue and offer tools and techniques to better appeal to donors, funders, clients and partners to support your work.
Marketing and PR – Learn how to focus and target your message, explore and choose platforms to share your work and outcomes, and help ensure your message is getting to your constituents.
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – Understand your preferences and how to work with others who are different. We will administer the MBTI for you and your group to help you understand your type, the others in your group and how to work more effectively as a group.
Planning and Project Implementation for your Organization – Learn how to develop a strategic action plan for your organization or develop the steps and critical path for completing a project. Explore tools and techniques for successfully implementing your projects.
Stakeholder Engagement – Identify the impacts of your project and the stakeholders that have an interest or a “stake” in it. You will learn how to develop a list of stakeholders and ways to recruit them into your work by appealing to their interests.
Transition Planning and Change – Do you have a transition plan for your organization? Learn how to develop one, perform a search for the new employee and how to get them onboard and moving forward. We can lead the process or teach and coach you through the process. We can also help the organization, and its staff, prepare for and adapt to change in the organization.
Volunteer Engagement and Management – Volunteers are key to many groups and organizations. Learn how to develop job descriptions, recruit, engage, manage, evaluate and celebrate volunteers.

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