planningThe plans Craig Smith Consulting facilitates are inclusive, consensus oriented and dynamic. They won’t just sit on a shelf. Craig has facilitated more than 100 strategic plans for organizations and communities. We are here to help you if this is your first plan, you have completed your current plan or your circumstances have changed and it is time to create a new plan. And we provide follow-up coaching and assistance as you take action implementing your plan.

We offer a customized approach to meet your needs. Whether it is a longer term process or something completed in one evening or day, the process builds on assets and achieves consensus on your priorities. We will work with you to ensure you have a broad based group that represents key stakeholders to participate in the planning process.

The process often starts with appreciative inquiry to honor and build on past success and includes a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis. Next we develop or refine the mission, and create a vision with goals, strategies and a detailed action plan that includes success measures, budget, timeframe, collaborators and the person who will lead that effort.

The work is distinguished in part by working with your organization or community group to build capacity to develop and implement your plan. This creates a valuable relationship that is much more than just facilitating the process.

Secondly, our approach is strategic in that it develops a detailed action plan with benchmarks to track how the organization or group is doing. Successful groups update their action agenda as circumstances change and new information is obtained. It keeps people engaged in the process over the long haul.

Previously we believed the best sequence was to facilitate a plan first and then develop the capacity to implement the plan. However, we know the converse also works: build the capacity of the group through training, coaching and organizational development and then initiate a planning process focused on the mission, creating a vision and strategic action plan. Either way, we can help!

It takes human as well as financial resources to accomplish things. One of the challenges with planning is that after a year or two, volunteers and other stakeholders can drift away and there is a smaller number left doing the work. If the group starts to shrink, we use the asset based process to help leaders broaden the circle and bring in new people and complete a stakeholder analysis to engage others. It is vital to celebrate successes to demonstrate the outcomes achieved, recognize those that made it happen and inspire others to keep moving forward on the next priority.

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