facilitationWe design our facilitation assistance to get you the outcomes you desire whether it is for a 2-hour meeting or a multi-day retreat. Our goal is to help you plan your meeting to ensure the agenda will get the outcomes you need and that the right decision makers and stakeholders are participating. After introductions, we establish ground rules that the group agrees to follow so that the meeting functions smoothly. It is important to structure the process to allow for full participation and everyone is given the opportunity for input. We ensure that decisions are clear and that everyone agrees to, or supports, the decision. We use a flexible approach so that issues are given the time needed to be resolved, while keeping the group on track to get to the desired outcomes.

We can:

• Help you get agreement on an issue by surfacing interests and moving group members away from opposing positions to find common ground.
• Evaluate programs, services and outcomes and get agreement on priorities moving forward.
• Work with the group to better define and implement roles and responsibilities including developing job descriptions and an organizational chart.
• Facilitate your board retreat.
• Work with your board to better engage the board in the work that you do.
• Determine roles and responsibilities for multiple groups and organizations that want to collaborate or work together for collective action.

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